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Our team at the International Student Office welcomes you to Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University. We are here to offer you support from the first moment you become familiar with us until the last day you spend here with us. If you are a student, a scholar, or the family of those, coming to Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University we will be there for you to help you adjust to your new life at our institution and overcome the challenges of living and studying/teaching abroad.

As the International Student Office, we have 1146 registered students (undergraduate and graduate) from 68 countries. We have 359 graduated students who work in Turkey or in their countries or continue their academic lives.  We are proud of each one of them.

We are dedicated to making your experience here smooth, worthwhile, and fun. And this is not just about academic learning and teaching. Building strong relationships with our international friends is a priority for us. We are very keen on learning from what you bring here to us and making it a part of our institution. We are confident that your presence and friendship will be a source of inspiration for us to always strive for better and for more. And it will be our greatest pleasure to have contributed to your academic achievement, personal satisfaction, and your understanding of Turkish life in general.

International Student Office


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