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2020-2021 International Admissions

2020-2021 International Admissions

May 1st - July 31st, 2020

Application Period

May 24th-25th-26th, 2020

Ramadan Feast

July 15th, 2020

Commemoration of Martyrs and the Day of Democracy

July31st- August 1st- 2nd -3rd, 2020

Feast of Sacrifice

August 30th, 2020

Victory Day

September 28th, 2020

Start of Courses




Registration and Exam Schedule


Time Period

Place (Campus)


Registration Period

September 14th – 18 th, 2020

10.00 -12.00

13.00 -15.30

Haliç Campus

Turkish Language Exam

September 16th , 2020

C1 Exam*

Haliç Campus

English Language Proficiency Exam

September 21st ,2020

Level Placement Examination**


September 22nd - 23rd , 2020

10.00 -15.00

Language Proficiency Exam*** (FSMEPT)

Arabic Language Proficiency Exam

September 21st , 2020

Level Placement Examination

Topkapı Campus

September 22nd - 23rd , 2020

Language Proficiency Exam****













* All international students who do not have a C1 Turkish Language Proficiency Certificate must enter this exam. The exam is fees-free but no certificate will be provided to the attendees. For the students who wish to take this exam before or after September 16, 2020, they have to get a special appointment from the FSM-TÜMER Center and pay an examination fee of 350 TL, this private exam will provide the student with a written certificate. (http://tumer.fsm.edu.tr/)

** Required from students enrolling in the Faculty of Architecture and Design, Faculty of Engineering and the Department of Psychology, who do not have English Language Proficiency Certificates.

*** FSMEPT: For students who are accepted to the undergraduate and graduate programs that require English Language Proficiencies, and have received a minimum of 65 points in the Level Placement Examination. Students who are accepted to the History of Science in Islam (MA), Clinical Psychology (MA-Thesis) and Architecture (MA-English) programs and who fail the FSMEPT exam will have their registrations canceled.

**** For students who are accepted to the Basic Islamic Sciences programs. Students who have Arabic as their mother language or have graduated from schools that have Arabic as their primary language of instruction must get in contact with the Arabic Preparatory Department.




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